The real problem: our privately funded two party system

There’s lots to dislike in US politics these days. I contend that most of the truly egregious problems aren’t due to any particular candidate or ideological viewpoint.

I contend we end up with depraved political dysfunction because of our privately funded two-party system.

Even if you like your reps, you need to know that the federal policy they set, and the federal laws they craft, in no way represent your interests. How do I know this?

In 2014, two professors from Princeton and Northwestern published a study that shows that federal policy/laws are moved by a few very rich people and a few high dollar donating corporations. Federal policy and laws in no way correlate with public opinion. Here’s an easy to digest summary.

Our political system runs on, and is thus controlled by, private money. That’s hardly democratic, and it’s wholly unAmerican. It’s always been this way – esp with the rise of corporate personhood beginning more than a hundred years ago – but after the Citizen’s United ruling in 2010, those massive donations can be made in any amount, at any time, and in broad daylight … and it’s perfectly legal.

And these private interests don’t stop at funding candidates. They fund political ‘think tanks’ that produce specious-at-best ‘studies’ that make bullshit policies pass the whiff test among voters who only read headlines. And the MSMs – incredibly – pick up these non-peer reviewed – often erroneous studies up and report them as news. Now it’s scarier than ever. With Facebook and other social media outlets, these think tanks are becoming increasingly adept at microtargeting ads directly to you based on your personality profile.  But let’s leave the issue of this pervasive and legal propaganda for another post. Let’s get back to the privately funded two party system.

Sure, the people running for office will tell you what you want to hear to win your vote, and they may actually believe what they’re saying. But ultimately, their pay masters are corporations and oligarchs.

The privately-funded aspect of our political system is bad enough, but the two party aspect – mixed with copious amounts of emotion-triggering propaganda in our newsfeeds –  has us picking sides as if we’re rooting for a sports team rather than choosing well-qualified representatives.

US Politics, pretty much, in 2017

But you already know about picking teams.

(By the way, you don’t have to pick a team – you can do what I did and register “unaffiliated.” Then, vote in the primary of whichever national party will have you. Even if their stupid super-delegate system is totally rigged against nominating your preferred candidate who actually understands what most AMERICANS want in their government.)

Look – bringing conservative and liberal perspectives to policy decisions is a good idea. But that’s not what’s happening now. All that’s getting through is $.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  2. Call your STATE reps and tell them to work with Wolf-pac in calling for a constitutional amendment that gets private and corporate money out of politics.
  3. VISIT your STATE reps and tell them to work with Wolf-pac in calling for a constitutional amendment that gets private and corporate money out of politics.
  4. Recruit a DOZEN of your friends to do these four steps too.

Five states are already on board: CA, IL, VT, NJ and RI.

Call your STATE reps and tell them to turn the Wolf-pac map red. Tell them to support the initiative.



Of course, getting $ out of politics won’t solve all the problems – such as First past the Post voting, the propaganda machines of the two parties, or voter apathy – but it’s a start. So please, call your STATE reps, visit them in their offices, and get a dozen people in your network to do the same.

For my friends in Bellingham, WA. Here are your reps, their phone #s, and links to more of their contact info.

District 40 Legislators (Downtown B’ham, Lake Whatcom, and Southside):

District 42 Legislators (Northside to Blaine):