Other Stuff

Other Stuff:

We recently reached financial independence and quit our day jobs.  Since then I’ve written nearly every day.  Here you’ll find my articles that fall north of the ‘doesn’t totally suck’ bar.  Admittedly, I’m still finding my voice as a writer.   So your experience, should you dare to read on, may vary from post to post.

Gecko Poop: Thoughts from an asthmatic-allergic-budget traveller.  Why ‘Gecko Poop’?  Well, because on one hand, geckos are cool!  Their spoor reminds me I’m living in an exotic location in Malaysia.  On the other hand, it’s poop.  Reality is a mix of the thrilling and mundane, the beautiful and the banal, the exotic and the disgusting. Gecko poop symbolizes this paradox well, and Gecko poop is everywhere we go.  So gecko poop it is.

SCB: Swedish Coffee Bread.  To be elaborated upon later.

Malaysia41: These are my posts that discuss what it’s like to be 41 year old on FIRE (Financial Independence Retired Early).  It is my journal on the Mr. Money Mustache forums.

FI-Mo-Fo: Posts about living without a day job in financial independence – overlaps with the writing on the MMM forum.

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