… or Keep Working?

I’m sitting at the kitchen counter of my friend’s lovely home in Silicon Valley. I’ve been couch-surfing* for a few days and am set to stay two more weeks. I’m not sure if I would have asked her if I could stay for such a long time a year ago (pre-MMM). As it is, we’re having a wonderful time together – I leave for long walks here and there and return with fixins for dinner so I hope she is not feeling overwhelmed with this extra body in her house.

So far we’re having a fabulous time. We just returned from GLAMPING in Half Moon Bay, where I thoroughly enjoyed all of the camping ‘must haves’ such as a wine bottle holder, REI kitchen furniture / appliances and area rugs in the tents. Seriously, it was a blast enjoying all this high-end equipment I wouldn’t buy for myself. Three old friends – drinking and roasting s’mores around the campfire with retractible marshmallow roasters. So … much… fun.

Today another friend (and co-worker) picked me up early so I could make it to the Monday sales and marketing meeting, at which I presented. The presentation went well, and through the remainder of the day I bumped into old colleagues and friends and enjoyed catching up. I didn’t volunteer retirement unless they asked about my plans, then I’d share ( I think a few may be checking out MMM tonight 🙂 ).

Then I had my 1:1 with my boss. He wanted to know my final date and the status on a few items. We discussed the situation with finding my replacement: we still haven’t found anyone. ‘Rather than July 31, how about we just make July 25 my last day?’ I ventured. Then he dropped it. “I’d like you to consider staying on for a while, you can work out of Malaysia, but no expat perks of course. We’d like you to continue until we find a replacement.”

I told him I’d think about it.

AGGGGH. On one hand, my ego is flattered, of course. But agggh! July 31 was going to be IT! I shared the info with my friend (who I’m couch-surfing with) on our way home from work (she works across the street from my office – so BONUS! with me in the car she gets the commuter lane – I’m feeling like less of a leach and more of an asset every day 🙂 ).

So after arriving home, she gets on a conf call for work and I walk to the grocery store – and I thought more about it. The only reason my company can’t replace me is because they are trying to do it on the cheap. I’ve got 18 yrs experience – so I’m a high level / high compensation employee, let’s call my level ‘E’. But they are trying to hire at cheap-o level ‘C’. It occurs to me to offer to ‘bridge’ the role – doing bare minimum work part time for some amount of time if and only if they change the new hire requisition to level ‘D’. Just a thought – I mean, it would be nice to rake in serious cash for minimal effort – but perhaps it is a bit of ‘one-more-year-itis’. I thought through this as I bbq’ed pork ribs**, roasted veggies and boiled pasta. My friend got off the call, and said, “Oh, I’m going to cry – it smells so good and dinner is waiting for ME for once! :). We ate, and now it is time for wine and dark chocolate on back porch with my friend. I love her! I’ll ruminate on this whole gig-extension tomorrow.

*actually I’m staying in their lovely guest room.
**made a marinade of old mustard, maple syrup, salt and olive oil from bottles in her fridge :).