Max 2014

September 2014

It’s a treat carpooling Max and his 8 yr old buddies around. Overheard in the car today:

Marjaan: unabashedly belted out every word to “Black Widow”
Min Xiang:  (in a combo Hong Kong / British / Japanese / Chinese accent) proclaimed “I wish minecraft was real.. then every moment could be a fight with zombies, creepers, endermen and spiders!”
Max discussed how he would create portals everywhere.

in related news – yesterday Max wouldn’t shut up about his thoughts on the physics it would take to create a portal from here to MorMor’s house.


September 2014

Overheard talking to Marjaan during sleepover: “Did you know that my DVD player is the smartest thing that ever existed?  It can have two headphones!”  

He is getting into a phase where he enjoys announcing false superlatives as if he is some authority.  Shaking head.  Love him.

July 2014

While waiting for the ferry in Friday Harbor, Max said that there were probably still egg shells in my belly from when he was born.  Mom LOVED that!

June 2014

Max, while nakie taking a shower, asked if he had to move away for college.  I said, “no, you can live with us if you’d like.”  He seemed relieved.  So I asked why he wants to live with us.  “Because I don’t think I could stand to be away from Minecraft,” he explained.

May 2014

When he gets in a poopy mood, Max says heart-wrenching things such as, “I wish I was never born!”  Tonight he explained that since he knows he’s going to die one day, and that he doesn’t want to die, it would be easier to never have been born.

May 2014

Max typed ‘grey’ on accident.

May 2014

Max doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to run for president because he wants me to be the first female president.  He was disappointed to learn that Germany is led by Angela Merkel because, I guess, that is one more woman ahead of his mama.

February 2014

I skyped with Dirk from my hotel in Beijing.  He reported that, in his sleep, Max had said, “they’re going to make me say it!  They’re going to make me say…. S – H – I – T!”  He spelled out the word in his dream!  We laughed pretty hard about that.

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