Inspect Your Values. Discuss Your Values. Vote Your Values

I wrote the following comment on reddit a few minutes ago, and thought I’d repeat it here…

What are your values? Please – talk to people about YOUR VALUES – IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE rather than focusing on whatever deficiencies another party might have.

Here are a few of my values, just to provide some examples.

*We need sensible government policy influenced by science, not ideology. We need to adopt pro-human pro-free market policies that have been proven to be effective by states or other countries. (It’s called finding ‘bright spots’).

* Trump’s administration could mean the difference between 1.5 degree global warming and something much much higher. This isn’t political. This is life and death. This is our home. We need to care for it.

*We need to promote the free market by passing Medicare For All. Medicare For All would lessen burdens on companies – esp small family owned enterprises – to provide healthcare. Healthcare Insurance is an added operational cost, all for something that is not a core competency. Alleviating this imposition is pro-free market! Medicare for all would lower barriers-to-entry for entrepreneurs. I mean, why do we even keep this, our throwback system, that was originally born out of misguided post-WW2 socialist policy?

*The oceans are CURRENTLY 30% more acidic than they otherwise would be had humans never pumped 500 billion tons of CO2 into them. O2-producing phytoplankton may die off completely at these levels of acidity. Right now )2 is approx 20% of our air. Ocean phytoplankton create 60% of that. You do the math. We MUST stop pumping CO2 into the air, and embrace clean technologies. Carbon neutral by 2040.

*We need a government that stands up for the constitution and ensures the bill of rights apply to every citizen no matter their race, gender or other identifying attribute. We all deserve EQUAL PROTECTION under those precious bill of rights that were passed by our wise founders on Dec 15, 1791.

*Corporations are NOT people. Citizens should have influence over a government that is ‘of the people and by the people’, corporations should not. We need to ban corporate donations to political campaigns, expose Kochtopus ‘think tanks’ for the frauds they are, and fund campaigns with public money.

*Any organization that purports to be a news service must adhere to the Fairness Doctrine, that says that equal time must be given to various political views on a subject.

I write all this as someone who was registered GOP for 18 years, someone who was offended by their Frank Luntz, focus group tested, disingenuous talking points that convince people that the interests of trust-fund baby cry-babies are in line with their own interests.

Talk to people in your network about your pro-human pro-democracy pro-science values. Then get their asses out to vote in 2018 mid terms. Don’t wait for a charismatic leader to sweep you off your feet.

Inspect your Values. Share your values. Vote your values!

Okay, now here’s a video of our son in Florence learning how to play rock -paper- scissors.