Goals for RREF

Why am I forming Rohingya Refugee Education Fund (RREF)?  Because I either had to do something, or cancel my subscription to the Economist.  I found myself reading about the awful treatment of Rohingyas in Burma, and the perpetual statelessness of the Rohingya diaspora.  I had to choose: do something, or put down the magazine.

I live in Penang, Malaysia. There’s a substantial refugee population here. A call to UNHCR led me to teaching English at this Rohingya school. It didn’t take long to realize they needed more teachers, supplies, resources.  I decided to start a charity to fund the school.

Here are the goals:

Fund-raising goals for 2016:  $30,000
– $24,000 to hire two fully trained teachers plus increase the salary of Zu, the current teacher who is being paid an obscenely tiny salary despite bringing remarkable teaching skills to the school.
– $3,000 to augment rent paid by REPUSM*
– $3,000 for supplies, utilities, provide wifi, augment rent*, pay for RREF operations

Endowment Goals: 
– Raise $750,000  to generate $30,000 per year for Rohingya Refugee education
– Invest the whole nut in Vanguard account – owning diversified index-tracking ETF funds

Stretch Goals:
$60k per year budget to hire more teachers, fund after school activities, fund scholarships
$1,500,000 in the endowment fund.

*(Research and Education for Peace Univ. Sains Malaysia)