Donate to the School of Peace

Go to to donate funds for tuition or teacher’s salaries at the Peace Learning Center for Rohingya Refugee children on Penang Island, Malaysia.

The School of Peace, a Rohingya refugee school on Penang Island, Malaysia.

Or you can donate $50. This pays tuition for one student for one year.

NOTE: currently donations are characterized as gifts and are NOT tax deductible.

Once the charitable organization is set up, all donations will be tax deductible.  If you have a good idea for the charitable org name – please send it along with your donation!

Near term Mission: to fund school operations of $25k-$40k 2015, and a similar amount in 2016.  Extra money shall go into an endowment for funding future years beyond that.  The ultimate goal is to get this school up to international standards for graduating well-educated pupils ready for college.

Long Term Mission: should more funds come in than anticipated, $ could be diverted to other local NGOs involved in giving relief to refugees such as Penang Stop Human Trafficking. or Fortify Rights.  Ultimately, the dream is to create a network of people with spare rooms who can take in refugees when they first arrive –  like refugee airBnB –  and help with transition to re-settlement.

But for now the focus is the School of Peace.  One step at a time.



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