Charitable Org Checklist – Helping Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia

Set Up Charitable Org

  1. Name: Prosperity To Refugees  Or Refugees Rise Up (IDK)
  2. Create Articles of Association
  3. Submit 501c3 application / 1023 application (
    1. Need a Federal EIN
    2. Need articles of association document
    3. Need power of attorney

Do I need to register with Washington State (my parents agreed I can use their address as operational HQ).

Equivalency Determination for Grantee NGOs

  1. Requires attorney IRS Revenue Procedure 92-94
  2. Goal is for grantee NGOs to be deemed legit for receiving ‘qualifying distributions’ per sect 4942 of IRS tax code.
  3. Need a ruling or determination letter classifying each foreign NGO as a public charity as defined by 509a(1-3) or private operating foundation under 4942j3.
  4. Generat Affadavit from each target NGO
    1. Professor Kamarulzaman (Zam) complying with
    2. James at PenangAgainstHumanTrafficking

Set Up Easy Payment Path for Donations from US

Paypal – register as business.
Open US bank account
Open Malaysia bank account
Wordpress – woocommerce (Ashleigh recommendation)