Anti-intellectualism – does it boil down to mistaking intelligence & knowledge for smugness? Its odd, because the wisest people I’ve known have typically been humble, open, and curious. I’ve certainly never found intellectuals to be threatening. I don’t understand this anti intellectual movement. Just because a talk radio pundit might say that elite liberal intellectuals are laughing at you/me – doesn’t make it true. In my experience, it’s patently false. I’m so fed up with this rhetoric.

You know who else hated intellectuals? Pol pot. The Khmer Rouge. Stop letting these idiotic pundits tell us the ‘liberal elite’ hate us. You know – This ‘liberal elite’ that you are told to despise? They are Americans. Many have dedicated their careers and lives to public service. They are real patriots. I humbly request you acknowledge their service. … Then, turn your attention back to the people who are telling you to hate the liberal elite. Find out who is paying them. I’ll tell you who is funding this rage machine: it’s people who gain power & money by getting us to hate each other. Divide and conquer is effective. In the words of Nixon’s chief of staff, Haldemon, “all politics is division.” Anti intellectualism is about division. Fight back against those who would divide us.