Who’s Down to Sign Up For Veganuary 2018?

Who’s with me for 31 days of abject vegan dining, starting Jan 1, 2018?  If you’re down, sign up at veganuary.com.

It’s only for a month – plus – there are so many reasons to try eating a vegan diet:

Health  . . .  Environment  . . .  Ethics  . . .  Comedy

Pick one motivation, or all four.  Whatever your reasons, sweeten the deal by promising to donate $ to my charity www.rohingyafund.com. You know, on the off-chance you fail to live up to your pledge.

Why you should  sign up for Veganuary with me:

Whole-food plant-based diet is HEALTHY

While making ‘FUD’ videos about food and my insane-frickin’ allergies, I learned how stupid-healthy it is to adopt a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) Diet.  Compelling info:

WFPB-Vegan: 3-10x more SUSTAINABLE

The CO2 ‘footprint’ of standard western diet (SWD) for a single adult in Silicon Valley California  is ~3x more damaging to the environment than that of a vegan diet:

  • SWD:  ~2.8 tons CO2/yr
  • Vegan: ~1 ton CO2/yr

In terms of land use, the difference is more like10x.

A UN report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, shares one particularly jaw-dropping finding: animal agriculture beats out the transportation sector as the largest contributor to human-caused global warming. Consider some stats:

  • Global livestock accounts for 14.5 % of all anthropogenic GHG emissions. (7.1 GT of Co2-equiv/yr)
  • Cattle (beef and dairy) = 65% of livestock sector emissions
  • About 44 % of livestock emissions are methane (CH4)

Yikes. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but if we don’t cut our GHG emissions, as in, pronto, we’re kinda cooked.

. . . You know, as a species.

. . . Like, I’m not kidding.

. . . Srsly, tho.

WFPB-Vegan is FUN – No, Seriously


It wasn’t long ago that I believed “Happy cow farms” might be  the norm. At least I hoped that was the case. Turns out – Nope. While “Happy Family Farms” exist, they account for a tiny fraction of the animal products we consume.

Why everyone knows a nice little farm where things aren’t so bad, but eats factory farmed meat from vegan

In the US, upwards of 96% of meat and 86% of dairy come from factory farms (source: USDA).  If you’re buying milk in a grocery store, or gnawing a chicken wing in a restaurant, those animal products came from industrial factory farms.

Besides abusing antibiotics, polluting the environment,  and producing unhealthy meat, industrial livestock factories are brutal. Watch any documentary on the topic, and look at the equipment. Gestation cages, maceration machines, I could go on. But I’ll leave further investigation to you.  Here are some compelling sources:

Vegan dishes yummy, easy, delicious

Going vegan for a month can be an exploration new foods and recipes. There’s Indian, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, etc.

I hear the Thug Kitchen recipe book – kindle edition – is free for prime members on amazon. And there’s a ton of recipes online. Just last night, we made vegan butternut squash Mac-n-cheese casserole style:

Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheeze: Two Ways


There’s lots of vegan food to eat. Googulate it.

If you take this pledge with me:

I highly suggest you use either of these:

  • Daily Dozen‘ app : a check-list to make sure you’re getting the 12 daily foods needed to be healthy.
  • Cronometer‘: a food tracking app that shows you exactly the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and various micronutrients you’re consuming.

Most people – carnists and vegans alike – can be deficient in both of the following vitamins. So you may want to supplement:

  • Vitamin B12 – A 5000 microgram pill 1x a week and you’re set. (B12 is made by bacteria).
  • Vitamin D – Especially if you live in the north in January (D is a hormone made by your skin when in direct sunlight).


Let’s be vegan for a month this January: for our health, for the perpetuation of our species, for the animals, and/or for the lulz.

If you’re in, reply to the post that got you here (from linkedin or facebook or mrmoneymustache, or DM), or reply directly to this post.

Now then, who’s up for Veganuary 2018?