Align: Discovering Customer Insights That Matter

I’m writing a book called, Align: Discovering Customer Insights that Matter. It’s for anyone involved in product development who wants to understand customers better. The goal is to get the information that matters, so that product plans ca be adjusted to result in building products that customers want to buy.

Taking the weekly surveys will shape the book’s final form.

By the end of the month of April, I’ll sum up what I’ve learned from survey #1, and post some of the comments here. I’ll also send out survey #2, where you’ll see a few options for the cover art – please, help me choose!

Align: Reader Review

Deborah Duncalf, a beta-reader of Align: Discovering Customer Insights that Matter, wrote,

Align reads well, the flow is excellent. (Laura has) written this in a way which gives the reader facts and knowledge without any fancy big words.

As someone who has attended training sessions, this is brilliant; it is all self explanatory and in dealing with (a few funny examples), Laura has managed to get a little bit of a laugh in there as well to keep it fairly upbeat. And it also doesn’t sound condescending which some books of this type are very apt to do.

I find that with training and manuals, sometimes the more straightforward they are the easier it is for people to remember. Plus if you can find quirky funny ways then it is easier still. Laura has managed to write this in a light hearted, upbeat way which makes it not only informative, but (will inspire the) reader to finish to the end rather than plough through page after page of reading when they don’t want to, all while none of it is really going in. Well done!