Sportsmanship 101

Malaysia9 and I went to a local cafe Friday for board game night. It was fun – light hearted smack talk, very little speed-bumpin’. And in the end, M9 even won! And he was not gracious. After we had helped him with a few strategic moves during the Settlers of Catan game – he went on to gloat flagrantly.

Yeah – that’s the next parenting topic – how to be good sport. We’ve covered it already – multiple times – but he’s demonstrating that it hasn’t totally sunk in. Lessons shall be repeated until learned.

During the game, a player ordered a few froo-froo drinks. M9 commented – in all innocence – “wow you’re ordering a lot of expensive drinks!”

She replied to him,but really more to herself, “well I just signed a new contract for more work today, so I’m… celebrating.”

A few months ago, she told me that her student loan is so enormous it seems she’ll never pay it off. And it’s a double bummer; she went to an expensive private school to learn online graphic design. She confided that in reality, the degree was worthless; she didn’t learn anything relevant to her web-design business that she didn’t already know. Now she’s stuck with a large bill to pay.

M9’s comment ushered in yet another opportunity to force my trap shut. And I was successful, this time.

After the game ended, we packed up, M9 continued gloating, and we paid our bill.

An aside regarding our bill: I felt I should at least buy something small of decent value – after all it is a local business and I know the owner. I feel like if we hang out for three hours we should buy something. But… right now… we are $650 into our January food budget of $700. We’re flying into month-end a little too fast and hot. So, before we ordered, M9 and I discussed the budget and whether he really needed food here. We had just eaten dinner but he seemed genuinely hungry. I bought him what he wanted: an RM15($4.20) pizza sandwich. He must be in a growth spurt cuz he ate the whole damned plate of food.

As we exited the restaurant, M9 turned to wave, and yelled to the entire cafe, “later losers!”

Yes. ‘Sportsmanship 101’ is back in the lesson queue.